Our menu

To order:

Email us your breakfast or dinner choices 24 hours in advance

A fusion of Jamaican, British and international cuisine


Served with a choice of coffee, tea, mint tea or green tea

Served between 8am and 10am daily

(V)  = vegan.

(V) Seasoned Callaloo                                            USD $ 5.00

(V) Large fruit plate, a selection of 4 fruit           USD $6.00

Our aclaimed Ackee and Saltfish, with                 USD $16.00

Seasoned, Callaoo, fried plaintain,

local vegetable, boiled  dumpling                         

(V) Vegan Ackee with vegetables,             USD $12.00

Fried plaintain, local vegetables and

Boiled dumpling

Salt fish fritters – 3 pieces                          USD $7.00

British breakfast, 2 eggs, bacon, tomatoes           USD $10.00

2 eggs (fried, scrambled or poached)                    USD $4.00

Plate of bread                                                            USD $2.50

Chef’s Special                                                            USD $18.00

(Plate of bread, plate of fruit, and a 

hot plate.  (We also offer a vegan option)


Served between 6pm and 8pm daily

(V) Pumpkin Soup                                                                                      USD $9.00

(V) Seasoned vegetable pasta                                                                    USD $15.00

(V) Green salad                                                                                           USD $10.50

Ham, egg and fries                                                                                       USD $16.00

Egg and fries                                                                                                  USD $13.00             


Each served with rice or potatoes (choose) and mixed vegetables.

Jerk Chicken                                                                                                 USD $35.00

Curry Goat                                                                                                    USD $35.00

Oxtail with butter beans                                                                             USD $35.00

Slow-Cooked Chicken                                                                                 USD $25.00

Lobster tail (when available)                                                                      USD $35.00

Shrimp (when available)                                                                             USD $30.00

Steamed Fish (fillet)                                                                                     USD $20.00

(V)  Stewed local vegetables in a

herb sauce                                                                                                     USD $20.00


Cup of tea                                                                                                      USD $3.00

Cup of herbal tea                                                                                          USD $4.00

Cup of coffee                                                                                                 USD $3.00

Cup of Blue Mountain coffee                                                                      USD $7.00

Glass of fresh juice                                                                                       USD $4.00

Large bottle of St Catherine’s Peak Water                                               USD $2.00

Red Stripe                                                                                                     USD $3.00

TE Rum Punch                                                                                             USD $5.00

Guinness                                                                                                       USD $4.00

Coca Cola                                                                                                       USD $3.00

Ting                                                                                                                USD $3.00

Ginger Beer                                                                                                   USD $3.00