Getting Around

Information on places to visit and distances to local amenities

There’s a huge range of excellent restaurants, bars, and attractions nearby. We’ve picked out some of our favourites below:

Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records

A nice environment, you might even catch the big man there himself. A few guests have met him!

Holywell Park

If you want an awesome view and want to make the trek up the mountain Holywell Park has a nice vibe.

The Gap

This is a nice place to eat along the way with an awesome view!


This is the beach the locals go to – expect loud music and fresh seafood.

Fort Clarence

This is a little further down from Hellshire, it has all the same things, but it’s a slightly calmer spot!

Devon House

This is a stunning house to walk around and afterwards you can get a patty. The Dragon Stout ice cream is the best!

Jade Garden

A very nice Chinese restaurant in the Sovereign Centre.


We haven’t been but we hear that the Greek food here is good.


This is in Port Royal and has the best fish dishes at a very reasonable price

The Regency bar and Lounge at Terra Nova

They have amazing lychee martinis here as well as other cocktails.

Terra Nova

They do a fabulous Sunday morning brunch at a reasonable price.


A lovely wine bar. Try the smoked marlin dip it’s great!

The Haven at Hillcrest

A rustic bar set outside. Lovely clientele and reasonably priced drinks.