Our Location

Balcony 4

Tranquility Estate is nestled in the foothills of the Blue  Mountains, a 10 minute drive from Papine situated in the exclusive area of Kingston at the end of a private road.  We have 320 degree views of Kingston and the hills.

Before you turn into the private road, you will see ‘Look Out Point’ which is a popular romantic spot for people to sit and look at Kingston, it’s particularly beautiful at night and  is mentioned in many tourist books. This is a beautifully maintained area of Kingston. Many safely walk the hill, as I do with friends and our dog, Brutus.

Papine, the nearest region to Jacks Hill is dotted with small shops and bars where you can hear music being played and watch games of dominoes.  There is a local fruit and vegetable market, where the produce comes straight from the countryside. A Tastee patty –  take note it is impossible to eat just one – you will be addicted, and cake shops, local supermarkets, wholesale drinks and ice-cream. There is also  a dentist, pharmacy and the local police station.

There is nothing finer than sitting on the veranda, with  a white rum with coke, or even in a coconut – listening to the music as it  wafts up the hill. Surrounded by the beautiful vistas and  magical views, that change as the evening unfolds.